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Grosseto and Maremma Box: Azienda Agricola Fonterosa

Favorable climate, country air, large spaces left to nature. These are not the only elements which allow in the Tufo villages a cultivation which guarantees high quality products. In fact, it is just the tuff, a magmatic rock, of which the soil is mainly constituted, to ensure a considerable need of nutrients to the plants. Barbara, the daughter of the founder of the farm, reveals us that her father had the nature of the soil analyzed and from this study emerged the surprising quantity of potassium, capable of greatly promoting the well-being of plants.

Among the many types of legumes, we selected a very particular one: black lentils from Sorano. The color is typical of this area and recalls the fact tuff is a rock of volcanic origin, although the color is due to anthocyanins, vegetable pigments present in the leaves of plants. Lentils are ideal both to prepare a tasty soup and as a side dish for pork, or as tradition wants during Christmas time together with cotechino. But it is certainly not worth waiting until Christmas…