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Grosseto and Maremma Box: Azienda Agricola La Magia

Between the hills of Gavorrano and the seaside town of Follonica we find a farm that cultivates many fruits of nature. All vegetables are hand-picked, carefully selected and boiled in a pot. Carrots, celery, eggplant, zucchini, artichokes and many other vegetables are then cut and placed in hand-labeled jars: here is the “giardiniera” of sweet and sour vegetables. Elena, who represents the third generation of the company, shows us their vegetable garden, a seemingly endless green expanse, tended by the daily passion of an entire family. Her grandmother is still an active part of the company and gives her contribution to Elena’s parents: her mother is in the kitchen cooking all the vegetables and her father works the land. A family synergy that gives even more value to this place already kissed by the good weather conditions and the proximity to the sea, a place from which the fruits of nature can only be of excellent quality.