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Grosseto and Maremma Box: Distilleria Nannoni

In the remote countryside of Maremma we find this historical distillery, an authentic excellence for the whole region, where the pomace of the most prestigious Tuscan wineries is distilled in order to obtain an excellent grappa. The company was founded by Gioacchino Nannoni, who left from a village in Valdarno to move to the town of Aratrice and start this complex activity from the artisan point of view, being baptized over the years as “prince distiller” by the experts of the sector.

Waiting for us there is Priscilla, a young woman who has taken over the family business, often bringing home many awards and many satisfactions both in Italian and international markets. She enlightens us on the “art of distilling”, refined with time, which consists in recognizing the scents of the raw material and discarding both the head and the tail of the liquid, selecting only its heart. All this is done strictly according to the discontinuous distillation method, a totally artisanal way of working based on “crushes”, through which the master distiller personally intervenes following his own senses. The pomace is loaded in the boiler starting the distillation until the load is not exhausted, before passing to the following cycle in the still: for this very reason it is called discontinuous distillation.

We are in the distillery and Priscilla tells us to go up a small staircase: from here we can observe the first liquid, after the alcohol has evaporated separating from water. At this point it is her turn, who between competence and passion will surely give us the taste of a good distillate, a grappa full of aromas, with a dry taste and great balance. “Gente di Maremma” honors its territory, here where once there were only marshes and where after a century of efforts and determination of this community, great enterprises like this one are possible.