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Grosseto and Maremma Box: Le Logge

During the Middle Ages in Tuscany, wayfarers who stopped in the taverns were usually offered wine and cookies, called “cavallucci” (little horses) precisely because the patrons drove stagecoaches pulled by horses. It is from this handed down custom, as the owner reiterates, that Cavallucci delle Logge was born, which produces typical Tuscan cookies and takes up the confectionery tradition of Siena.

We are in Massa Marittima, a town with a notable artistic imprint, which has felt the strong bond with Siena since 1200, even though today it is part of the province of Grosseto.  In the main square the monuments offer beautiful profiles from any angle you are, but the best point is under the loggias, which house the historic cafeteria of the town. It is from here that the production of the sweets of this company began, wanting to stay in the territory, it has further taken root just outside the walls of the city with its own laboratory, deciding to still want to preserve the flavors of tradition.  The result is elaborate cookies flavored with nuts, candied fruit and spices, which bring back to the present stories of travelers who moved from one part of Tuscany to another, in search of these goodies…