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Grosseto and Maremma Box: Tenuta San Carlo

When from the city of Grosseto one takes the road that goes towards the sea, the landscape of rice fields comes to life, among extensive fields and wetlands. Historically a marshy area, thanks to land reclamation, it was the original nature of these places that favored the cultivation of rice, which needs humidity in order to be born and grow luxuriantly. We are in the rice fields of Tenuta San Carlo, a farm founded in 1936 by Achille Gaggia, a Venetian who decided to invest in Maremma, only a few decades before completely reclaimed. Ariane, the granddaughter of her grandparents Ennio and Olga, was born in the United States but decided to rediscover her roots by moving to Italy and running the farm herself, dedicating herself to growing organic rice. Perdipiù, in the elegant packaging that she designed and created, wanted to pay homage to her grandparents by giving their names to the different varieties of product.

It is truly a beautiful story, that of a woman who dreams of Italy and the way it is lived, but who is aware of the complexities and efforts involved in realizing this dream, taking over her grandparents’ business and relaunching it with new ideas and healthy enthusiasm. He explains that the rice harvest is a moment of great sharing, no longer as tremendously tiring as it once was, given that many processes such as threshing, which separates the grain from the ear, are carried out by specialized machinery. However, it is precisely at these junctures that one becomes aware of the natural cycles, when once the harvest is over in October, it is precisely in this month that sowing is done, until in May the rice will begin to grow and again in October it will be ready for the next harvest. The satisfaction of keeping together nature and human need, starting from a deep-rooted environmental consciousness as in the case of Ariane and Tenuta San Carlo, will make us appreciate the product even more, embellished by a cardboard package dedicated to those who sowed to reap the fruits of this beautiful reality of Maremma.