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Florence Box: Caffè Piansa

We arrived at the gates of Florence, where moving towards the hills of the southern side we reach the enchantment of Piazzale Michelangelo, where we can contemplate a beautiful sunset. It is here that we imagine to taste a coffee that is the result of the experience of the Florentine school, born at the end of the nineteenth century and that this historical roasting company has been able to represent well, updating itself to the demands of a present that requires the highest quality. Between the balanced taste of an Arabica and the strong one of a Robusta, blending assumes a key aspect, together with the fundamental step of coffee roasting.

Alessandro, son of the company’s founder, leads us into the roasting room among jute sacks containing the small seeds to be processed, near which we find a vintage machine to grind the coffee beans. “It takes quality,” he reiterates, “regarding the selection of the product, the roasting process and the ability to know how to use artisanal processing techniques,” everything that a tradition of over forty years is able to guarantee. Then all that’s left is to put the coffee on the stove and wait for the good aroma to waft through in our kitchen.