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Pistoia Box: Birrificio Agricolo Baldi

From an idea born in partnership between father and son, with the intention of combining tradition and innovation, here is the first agricultural beer in the entire province of Pistoia. Matteo tells us how his passion for English, Irish and Belgian beers motivated him to conceive and create his own, tailored to the Italian territory. As a matter of fact, agricultural beer has to rely on at least 50% of self-produced barley, which is threshed by special agricultural machines and brought to the small laboratory, equipped with containers where the various processing steps take place.

Matteo shows us the varieties of hops, which exude a strong aroma and give the beers their traditional bitter taste. The barley malt processing steps exclude pasteurisation, thus being able to preserve all the organoleptic characteristics of the product. The last step is, of course, to enjoy the beer: we are at Podere Santa Rita, an agritourism where Matteo’s father had a small tree house built, where we make a toast admiring the view of the Pistoia hills thinning towards the Montalbano hills and the Serravalle ridge.