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Florence Box: Fattoria Il Palagiaccio

After having spotted the tower of the village of Scarperia, which is particularly reminiscent of the one of Palazzo Vecchio in Florence, we make a stop at the historic farm of Palagiaccio. This is a large structure, built in the eleventh century, which includes a space for breeding cattle, a dairy capable of producing a large number of aged cheeses per day and finally the silos containing the fodder for the animals. All the stables that house the animals are heated by a system of photovoltaic panels and biodiesel, in order to preserve the surrounding environment and maintain that virtuous relationship with the territory that remains the basis for a high quality product.

The great pride of this farm, as Carlo, one of the two brothers who owns the company, tells us, lies in the short supply chain, in fact very short: from the barn where milking takes place to the dairy there are only fifty meters. The entire production process is traceable, the animals enjoy good health thanks to the cool and mild climate of the area, and the technologies used are among the most modern in existence. For our box in Florence we chose the croccantella, a cheese snack typical of this area called “Gran Mugello Ubaldino”, which is the company’s top of the range product. The wide spaces and the sweet profile of the mountains give us the pleasure to enjoy them in full harmony.