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Pistoia Box: Il Baggiolo

After visiting the pretty village of Cutigliano, we climb towards the highest peak, the one that once set the border between Tuscany and Emilia, or rather between the then Grand Duchy and the Duchy of Modena. In the last stretch, the slope of the road increases considerably and it is as if we were entering a fairy tale, in the middle of a forest of fir trees that rise almost triumphant at the edge of the road. We stop in the main square to observe the panorama that is striking for the profile of its majestic mountains. A short distance away we find a production laboratory that produces jams famous throughout the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines. Their flagship product is undoubtedly the blueberry jam, which is collected in the woods above, along paths that lead to discover the wonders of nature.

The company is family-run, points out young Lorenzo, boasting a strong bond with the surrounding area, of which over time has become a small bulwark: the idea of producing these handmade jams with the most typical and precious fruits of the area is synonymous with responsibility and commitment to their natural environment.

Abetone is a land of skiers and winter tourism, with its slopes famous throughout Italy, thanks to the scenic power of the mountain that man has been able to slowly mitigate, also thanks to stories like this one, which rests on the fact of respecting the times of the natural cycle. From the hand picking of the blueberries to the processing with artisanal methods, the long times of the process guarantee a healthy product, with a fresh taste and absolutely in line with the environment all around. All that remains is to taste this fairy tale made of blueberries!