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Pistoia Box: Bargilli

The history of Bargilli is the history of Montecatini. Two realities that have been intertwined for a long time, giving shape to a virtuous relationship that still endures today, when one remembers with a touch of healthy nostalgia what in the golden years of thermal tourism was Viale Giuseppe Verdi, where the prestigious establishments stood and where many illustrious people from all over Italy could be seen. Montecatini has always been conceived as a town devoted to providing well-being and pleasure to people seeking recreation and relaxation. The Bargilli family has been a pillar in this sense, contributing to offer a product that, in its simplicity (flour, egg, milk, almonds and sugar), has been able to mark a significant part of the town’s history.

In this case too, the all-Italian flair of making a virtue out of necessity began with Orlando Bargilli’s purchase of a bakery owned by a Jewish family, forced to flee because of the racial laws of the 1930s, which produced waffles in the Central European tradition. It was then decided to maintain this production, Italianising both the name of the product and some of its characteristics, such as the selection of first-rate ingredients (the almonds are Italian, the eggs are fresh and the milk is whole). This is how the waffles became famous, both for the locals and for the holidaymakers who could not help but taste them on every holiday. Today, in the shop near the marvellous Terme Tettuccio spa, which picks up on the city’s Art Nouveau tradition, Valentina Bargilli tells us with great passion the story of this sweet, which holds a special place in the hearts of all those who love the pleasures of life, just like the Montecatini wafer.