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Pistoia Box: Rinati

“The brigidino is Lamporecchio and Lamporecchio is the brigidino’. And it is thanks to the name of Rinati that this has been possible, having made this delicacy with its distinctive flavour known all over the world. The idea of extending the city’s horizons first to Florence, then to the rest of Tuscany, and finally beyond the national borders, crossed the mind of a local entrepreneur, who thought it appropriate to go beyond the simple and traditional habit of street vendors, who were present at festivals and village fairs with their typical stalls, trying to market them in other contexts.

Claudio, currently head of the company, tells us in detail about the birth of the brigidino. Legend has it that the nuns of the convent of San Baronto, devoted to Saint Bridget (a Swedish nun who lived in the 14th century, hence the name) produced these biscuits, which were intended to be used as hosts. Many families in the area, most of them peasants, used to make brigidini during the winter season and enjoy them in the warmth of the fireplace. The simplicity of the ingredients (flour, sugar, egg) and the way they were made (just two steps between kneading and shaping) ended up establishing a definitive link, an insurmountable bond between this town in the heart of Tuscany and its famous product.