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Florence Box: Birrificio Fratelli Casalini

This craft beer with a fruity aroma is born from fracture. Marco and Matteo are waiting for us in their production laboratory in Val di Pesa, a few kilometers from the historical region of Chianti, where the myth of wine is still undisputed. The two brothers took up this challenge and they launched themselves with great enthusiasm in an adventure which requires innovation and commercial strategy, being part of a context where craft beer is more and more in demand and consumers are very attentive. Slowly, they tell us, even in Italy malt and hops are being produced, two ingredients that historically have always been imported from other countries, but that in the next few years will probably be available to Italian producers for the selection of raw materials, without going abroad.

The label of their beers plays with the four colors of the historical Florentine soccer, a tradition that has spread since the sixteenth century and that nowadays is celebrated in the beautiful setting of Piazza Santa Croce. Moreover, the students of the Liceo Artistico of Florence were involved in the design of the label itself and from this project came out a logo depicting a hot air balloon, a fascinating flying means invented at the end of the eighteenth century, which corresponds to the dream of two brothers who want to take flight, as well as their beers with a refined taste.