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Florence Box: Biscottificio Leonardo

In the neighborhood of Sant’Ambrogio, a few steps from the historic market, an old oven has taken on a new life and has become a workshop for the production of traditional Tuscan cookies. The idea behind this project, explains Marco, is to put together tradition and innovation, that is, to try to bring some elements of the past (the machinery, the handmade work) with the new tools that allow you to improve the presentability of the product (beautiful packaging, the careful selection of ingredients). Marco’s father was the pioneer of the family in creating cookies with an unmistakably good taste. Pistachio is added to the traditional mixture of almonds, which has been rediscovered in recent times, a winning formula that his son has been able to propose in the version of bruttibuoni.

This particular cookie, originally from the region Piedmont, became known in Tuscany when, at the time of Florence as the capital of Italy, many Piedmontese pastry chefs moved there to open their laboratories. From then on, the cookie factories of the region have often reproposed them in their assortments and they have become a traditional sweet. And always referring to the history of the city and Italian creativity, the name Leonardo wants to be a tribute to Marco’s father as well as to the scientist, the artist and the inventor who was Leonardo da Vinci, one of the most illustrious characters of the history of Italy.