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Box Pistoia: La Molina

The road that connects Pistoia to its countryside is surrounded by an endless series of nurseries, as this area is the most important floricultural district in Europe. All of a sudden, just before reaching the city of Quarrata, we find ourselves in front of a structure in the shape of a praline that officially welcomes us to Chocolate Valley. A territory, that of Pistoia, that is famous for its chocolate delicacies, between tradition and names of important companies in this sector. Caterina introduces us to an enchanting world: the production plant is full of packages and boxes that are delicious to see and even more so to taste, because this chocolate, as their slogan states, can be tasted “with the eyes and with the mouth. Gianduia, almonds, hazelnuts are all raw materials that are part of our gastronomic heritage and enrich the product. Everything is packaged by hand, as if there were a common thread with those who will later taste the chocolate bar, a human dimension that makes the product even tastier.

La Molina is a company founded at the beginning of the new millennium, which has been able first of all to “give itself a shape”, that is, to restructure this abandoned factory and preserve its architectural characteristic, curiously praline-shaped, and at the same time to offer a product of excellent quality. Why Molina? Legend has it that the maid of the Emperor of Austria was called Molina because she used to use the molinador, which was used to process cocoa beans and prepare tasty hot chocolates. The company’s trademark is dedicated to this woman who understood that by taking the emperor by the throat, she would ingratiate herself in his sympathies. But it is the same for us, when we taste all this goodness for the eyes and the mouth.