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A journey to discover the best Italian food and wine products

A journey to discover the best Italian food and wine products: this is the project at the base of Radici Italiane.

Italy is very rich in its variety of artisanal products and it is exciting to know the stories behind them. To see how they are made and handed down through generations.

Traveling with the mind, the eyes and the mouth from one side of Italy to the other, going down the Alps to the sea of Liguria…

Getting lost in the Tuscan countryside between a red wine and another…

Un viaggio alla scoperta dei prodotti enogastronomici italiani

Down to Rome to taste a good Amatriciana sauce and then to the beaches of the South, where the Mediterranean climate gives scents to the products of the territory, until coming back to Tuscany.

mappa italia

This is where Radici Italiane’s shop is located, in Pistoia, a beautiful medieval city that has managed to maintain its identity and whose everyday life is divided between stores, fruit markets and a historic center of great artistic richness. 

mappa di pistoia

In the store the products are presented according to their origin, each representing a specific territory.

From Pistoia and its province to Florence and Chianti, the Maremma and the Tyrrhenian coast, the wonderful lands of Siena and many other enchanting places in Tuscany, each with a remarkable heritage of exceptional flavors, as well as that of other Italian regions

From oil to wine, from artisanal pasta to sauces, from traditional biscuits to typical sweets.

Inside Radici Italiane there is a taste for the discovery of typical Italian products, which connect absolute tastiness and territories of boundless beauty.

Welcome to this journey: fasten your seatbelts, we’re off, are you ready to lick your lips?