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10 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas in Pistoia

In the same street in the historic centre of Pistoia, in Via della Madonna, you can find 10 gift ideas for Mother’s Day in two different shops. First of all, a curiosity… how did this holiday originate in Italy?

It was on 8 May 1956 that the mayor of Bordighera (Liguria) decided to celebrate Mother’s Day in his town, famous for its flower cultivation. 

From then on, it spread throughout Italy with great participation, also marking a watershed with the beginning of fine weather and full spring

“Mothers are flowers that sprout and bear fruit that ripen in any season of life”

To get ready for 8 May 2022, here are the 10 gift ideas you can find in Pistoia:



1. The chocolate “cube” by Catinari


A selection of fine handmade pralines in a transparent package with the characteristic shape of a cube. From milk chocolates to those with hazelnuts, from those with almonds to those with pistachios and pine nuts.


2. Chocolates by La Molina


La Molina offers a box with twelve delicious milk chocolates, with a special dedication for mum, written in big letters: “I love you”


3. Heart-shaped praline


A heart-shaped box that contains chocolates of the same shape, also by La Molina. From chocolate with coffee-flavored gianduia filling, to salted crunchy gianduia and those with dark gianduia and raspberry.

4. I “Fiammiferi”


A real delicacy of the Pasticceria Mearini. These artisanal cookies are found inside a silver casket and are made in the shape of matches covered in milk, dark or white chocolate.


5. Biscotti al cioccolato

An elegant blue jar invites you to see what’s inside… here come the chocolate chip cookies from the historic Biscottificio Dogliani. A perfect gift for the eye and the taste.

📍  You can find all these products in the shop of “Radici Italiane” in Via della Madonna 7, Pistoia.

🕰  Open from Tuesday to Saturday: 10-13 & 16-20

📲  You can also order by whatsapp or email

Shipping in Italy & Europe



6. Vitalizing Water

It can be sprayed on skin, hair and even clothes: it contains no alcohol and does not stain. It helps the skin regain an immediate sensation of well-being. Apply immediately after the shower or several times during the day.


7. Anti-aging nourishing face serum

Thanks to this artisanal product your skin will be nourished, fresh and glowing with youth. Enriched with Essential Oils and Vitamin E.

8. Hand and body cleanser / Nourishing hand cream

L’erbolario offers a scented and protective cleanser with extracts of centifolia rose, pink pepper and mallow or a nourishing hand cream with antioxidant and protective properties.

9. Lavender Cologne

Since 1925 the brand “Wally” has always been linked to the handcraft production of Eau de Cologne for body use and perfuming of handkerchiefs and linen in accordance with the most ancient Tuscan perfumery tradition. This eau di cologne is a unisex fragrance with notes of Sage, Rosemary, Lavender, Geranium and Cinnamon.

10. Greeting card with bouquet of flowers

This original gift is a floral greeting card that opens and is perfect to display for home, coffee table, office, apartment and other occasions. 

📍 You can find these products in the herbal shop “I giardini di Marzo” at Via della Madonna 13

🕰  Open from Monday to Saturday: 10-13 & 16-19.30

📲  You can also request more information by whatsapp: (+39) 3343017734

Buy now some of these 10 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas in Pistoia and remind her how much you love her!