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Why buy local food and wine products?

The increased sensitivity towards the environment in recent years has spread a more responsible and careful attitude to everyday decisions and actions.  From recycling collection to incentives in favour of sustainable means of transport, from the reduced use of plastic to more conscious choices in daily eating.


Many producers have adapted to the new demands of a more conscious market and today are committed to creating short production chains, where the path that starts from the realization of the product and ends on the consumer’s table can be minimal.

In this way, products remain fresh and preserve all their nutritional properties. There are no preservatives or other additives (which serve to prevent the deterioration of the goods in long-distance routes).

acquistare prodotti enogastronomici a km 0

The case of Palagiaccio, a dairy based in Mugello, is truly emblematic. The cows are housed in stalls less than fifty meters from the dairy, so the time between milking and processing the milk is almost zero, helping to keep the final product fresh.  


Moreover, the first to benefit from this is the local economy, which retains the proceeds internally and thus virtuously nourishes the relationship between producers and consumers, who remain tied to the territory.

All the resources needed to cover long journeys, ranging from the use of polluting means of transport to the use of cold storage for the preservation of products and plastic packaging, in the case of the short supply chain are no longer necessary and it’s the environment that gain.

acquistare prodotti enogastronomici a km 0

Buying local food and wine products makes you happy at the table and also afterwards, having made a conscious choice.