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Best 5 food and wine products in Florence

Famous all over the world for having been and still being a very important artistic and cultural center, the city of Florence also knows how to distinguish itself for its contribution to Italian enogastronomy

Let’s see then what are the best 5 food and wine products of Florence:

1) Biscotti brutti buoni (“Ugly but Good”)

I migliori 5 prodotti enogastronomici di Firenze

They are characterized by the characteristic irregular shape (from here the name “brutti/ugly”) and for their tastiness (from here “buoni/good”).

They were born as a specialty of Piedmont region, but after the establishment of Florence as the capital of Italy in 1865, many pastry chefs from Piedmont moved to the city to serve the court. Since then, this cookie has spread with great rapidity in Tuscany. The artisan cookie factory Leonardo has created a truly exceptional version: the dough does not contain flour and is composed of Italian eggs, pistachios and almonds.


2) Blackberry Jam

I migliori 5 prodotti enogastronomici di Firenze

This delicious jam is a product totally without preservatives and added sugar. It is made with blackberries from the woods just above the beautiful and unspoiled area of Firenze Castello. 

It is in these hills that lies the laboratory of Pure Stagioni, which has taken an old Renaissance recipe and has already made many gourmets fall in love with its velvety taste. It is an excellent alternative also the one with figs, , which comes in the same packaging but in green color.


3) Craft beer

I migliori 5 prodotti enogastronomici di Firenze

It is thanks to the idea of Casalini brothers that this beer puts the Florentine spirit at the center.

On the label are in fact reported the four colors of the historic Florentine football, a game of medieval tradition that is supposed to have been the precursor of football today. It is a blond beer with a slightly fruity taste, to be accompanied by salty snacks and suitable for any occasion.

4) DOCG Chianti Wine

On the Florentine hills, which include the ancient Roman city of Fiesole, a DOCG Chianti wine is produced by the historical Fattoria Montereggi.

Vineyards are located at an altitude of 400 meters above sea level. Here from grapes mainly of Sangiovese is obtained a wine with soft tannins and a characteristic freshness.


5) Artisanal coffee

I migliori 5 prodotti enogastronomici di Firenze

Torrefazione Piansa, located in the Oltrarno area, characterizes its coffee with the 10+1 version: a blend of ten varieties of Arabica and one variety of Robusta. 

The coffee is imported from ten different countries but it takes all the experience gained in two generations of roasters to be able to choose the right degree of roasting. The result is a coffee with a balanced taste and a great smoothness.

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