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A Tuscan savoury snack

Are you looking for a savory Tuscan snack? Find out more in this article.

From the medieval castle of Calenzano you can see the whole plain stretching to Florence, while behind it rise the gentle mountains of Mugello

castello di calenzano

It is in this town at the doors of Tuscany‘s capital that the artisan bakery Vannino has been making authentic goodies since it opened its doors in 1932. 

snack salato Toscano

Such is the case with these savory cookies, flavored with rosemary, sage and parmesan cheese. Perfect for an aperitif with family or friends, this savory snack is presented in a green-colored case that restores the freshness of both herbs used in its making. 

snack salato Toscano

The Vannino company is in its fourth generation and has always remained tied to the territory. If at the beginning of the business the bread was delivered by carriage, now the baked goods are shipped, but the fragrance that distinguishes them remains intact, as well as a lightness for which it becomes inevitable to savor one after another.

snack salato Toscano

The raw materials used, such as sage and rosemary, come from Tuscan producers. All the products made take into account a fully controlled supply chain and the craftsmanship of production, including packaging by hand. 

biscotti vannino

These cookies are ideal to enjoy with a fruity craft beer that enhances the aromatic notes of sage and rosemary, or a Tuscan red wine with a spicy bouquet.

Come discover a quality Tuscan savory snack in store!