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Top 5 Food and Wine Products from Maremma

The Maremma is a land of agricultural tradition, with its cultivated fields that are the result of two centuries of land reclamation and the immense spaces where, thanks to the resourcefulness of Italians from many different regions, numerous opportunities have been built.


Let’s discover the 5 best food and wine products of the Maremma:

1) Organic rice from the Maremma

5 Prodotti enogastronomici della Maremma

The Carnaroli variety, suitable for creamy risottos, is the one that the Italian-American entrepreneur of Tenuta San Carlo chose for its production, in the Principina a Mare rice field, where the fields already enjoy the right amount of humidity.


2) Fisherman’s sauce

5 Prodotti enogastronomici della Maremma

This fish sauce from the Pescatori di Orbetello goes wonderfully with risotto. It is made with tomato pulp and mullet, famous for its botargo, the eggs obtained from this very fish.


3) Morellino di Scansano DOCG wine

5 Prodotti enogastronomici della Maremma

The ‘Morellino‘ was named so because of its intense colour, reminiscent of the colour of Morelli horses,  those characterised for having a dark coat. The Azienda Vinicola Terre di Talamo enjoys an enviable position, between the hinterland and the sea, an element that gives the wine a complex and balanced flavour.


4) Pickled Vegetables in oil

5 Prodotti enogastronomici della Maremma

The “La Magia” farm only puts together seasonal vegetables, grown in the sun of the Maremma coast. A short supply chain, going from the field to the adjacent laboratory, which allows the healthiness of the fruits of the earth to be fully savored.


5) Artisanal Grappa Riserva

5 Prodotti enogastronomici della Maremma

A barricade produced by Distilleria Nannoni, which has won prizes in numerous international competitions attended by the world’s leading craft distilleries. The secret lies in the selection of the best aromas thanks to the careful sight and refined sense of smell of Priscilla, the world’s most awarded female master distiller.


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