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What does organic wine mean?

There has long been talk of organic wine…we are talking about those wines that are made without the use of any chemical agents. There are precise regulations that define the production process at every stage and a commission that certifies and issues the organic label.

vino biologico


Certain provisions are included in the EU regulations. For example, the use of herbicides, pesticides and fertilisers is forbidden. Among plant protection products, only copper and sulphur are allowed, within certain specified maximum quantities. In addition, the farmer must comply with a number of practices aimed at ensuring the fertility of the land and the sustainability of agriculture, such as crop rotation.


No additives or adjuvants may be used during winemaking. The only products that may be permitted must be of organic origin, according to expressly stipulated limits on their use. This also relates to the use of sulphur dioxide, a substance that prevents the proliferation of bacteria and thus prevents damage to the wine in terms of both colour and taste, which must fall within a set range.

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All stages of production must be audited by a certifying body and obtain full approval of the entire process. It is only after this step that the logo is issued to be placed on the label.

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In conclusion, organic wine is a guarantee of a genuine product that respects the environment since it is made from grapes ripened in a totally natural way, without the use of chemical agents in the vineyard.

cosa vuol dire vino biologico

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