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What are the Tuscan “PATs”?

In Tuscany there are as many as 464 food and wine products with the PAT label (Prodotti Agroalimentari Tradizionali), making up nearly 10 percent of the entire national panorama. A figure that sees the region behind only Campania.


Let’s see what are some of the products that hold this trademark:


Cialde di Montecatini

The famous “waffles” from the spa town of Montecatini. The ingredients are flour, eggs and milk. They are also very special with ice cream!


Cavallucci di Massa Marittima


These cookies made of candied fruit carry the taste of medieval tradition, the period in which they were conceived and then spread throughout Tuscany.


Fagiolo zolfino

This is a bean with a very delicate flavor, ideal to accompany a grilled Florentine steak, which is historically grown near Pratomagno.


Brigidino di Lamporecchio

It was conceived and made as a host by the nuns devoted to Santa Brigida (hence the name “brigidino“), it has become nationally famous thanks to the street vendors who, with their typical stalls, have made it known throughout Italy, very often even showing its processing live.


Pici senesi

Is a more substantial pasta format than spaghetti, typical of the Siena area and an integral part of Tuscan peasant cuisine. Perfect for soaking up meat ragouts and other tasty sauces


Ricciarelli di Siena

Is one of the products recognized as PGI and at the same time as PAT. The dough is made of eggs and almonds, The characteristic white color is due to the fact that, once ricciarelli come out of the oven, they are coated with powdered sugar


Buccellato di Lucca

The characteristic sweet with a hole in the middle is par excellence the most famous food and wine product of the city of walls. It is a sweet bread flavored with aniseed and rich in raisins


Brutti buoni


So called because of their irregular shape, they are made almost all over Tuscany. No flour is used in the preparation, but only the white of the egg, as well as hazelnuts and sugar


Panforte di Siena

This is a typical Christmas cake made from flour and almonds, enriched with candied fruit, honey and spices, which since the Middle Ages was intended exclusively for the rich and noble families of the city. As with ricciarelli, this product also boasts PGI recognition.


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