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Biscottificio Dogliani, a history made of tastiness

That of the Dogliani cookie factory is the story of a pastry chef from Piedmont who decided after the war to move to the foothills of the Apuan Alps and set up his own business, aware of his profound knowledge in the art of baking. 

biscottificio dogliani

Negli anni 40, Angelo e Bartolomeo Dogliani rilevano un piccolo laboratorio di pasticceria, a Carrara ai piedi delle Alpi Apuane.


In the labyrinth of establishments devoted to marble quarrying, at the corner of one of these streets, the Dogliani cookie factory sprang up as a solid bastion of the artisanal tradition of cookies and baked goods. Today it constitutes an absolute landmark for the city of Carrara and nearby Massa, located close to the sea and halfway between both Apuan cities. 

Cave di marmo di Carrara

Cave di marmo di Carrara


The secret of their products, Margherita Dogliani, daughter of the founder, reveals, lies in the use of sourdough. Known since ancient times, it consists of a mixture of flour and water, within which microorganisms act to allow a totally natural fermentation. This allows the confectioner a particularly effective processing of the products. 

Lievito madre del Biscottificio Dogliani

Lievito madre del Biscottificio Dogliani


To the taste, the cookies turn out fresh and soft. The packaging is delightful to the eye and the bright colors symbolize the passion that this family, together with its team of collaborators, still puts forth today, continuing to offer a taste for the craftsmanship of cookies.

biscotti artigianali cioccolato toscana

Deliziosi biscotti al cioccolato!


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