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5 best-known food and wine Italian products abroad

The whole world, from the United States to Australia, from Arab countries to the Far East, adores everything Italy brings to the table.

italia a tavola


Our products cross every border and hold high the flag of our passion and meticulousness when it comes to food. 

pasta italiana


Let’s see which food and wine products of Italy the international public immediately associates with the “Belpaese”.

1) The pasta

Represents such a mainstay in Italian tradition that at the time of the great Italian migrations around the world, epithets were created to indicate who was Italian. The most classic example, as seen in many American-made films, is “spaghetti” or “macaroni.” 


Even today there are traditional pasta factories that keep alive a centuries-old tradition and have succeeded in protecting it with the PGI mark, such as the maccheroncini all’uovo di Campofilone, characterized by a very fine thickness

2) The Extra virgin Olive Oil

Sometimes a bruschetta with Tuscan olive oil is enough to make many tourists visiting our country happy. The oil from this region is characterized by a heady fragrance and a strong taste.

5 prodotti enogastronomici italiani

The extra virgin olive oil from Podere Gremigneto, located in Vinci, right in the town of Leonardo, comes from these hills full of olive groves.


3) Chianti wine

We remain in Tuscany, where among the many excellent wines it has always been Chianti that is the most loved product abroad. But it is not only the Chianti Classico area that offers wines of great drinkability.

5 prodotti enogastronomici italiani

For example, in the hills of Fiesole, at an altitude of over 400 meters, a Chianti with the right acidity and freshness is produced, such as that of Fattoria Montereggi



4) Parmigiano Reggiano

Parmigiano Reggiano, a product that as early as 1300 Giovanni Boccaccio reported in his “Decameron,” certainly cannot be missed. It is also particularly appreciated by great cheese lovers such as the French, who are also the main importers, followed by the United States and Germany. 

5 prodotti enogastronomici italiani

Parmesan in Italy is used for multiple purposes. The savory snack offered by “Biscottificio Vannino” is precisely made with parmesan, which combines excellently with rosemary and sage.


5) Coffee

To close the meal, an Italian coffee is just what you need. In addition to the tradition of espresso in bars, coffee ground and consumed at home with a mocha coffee maker occupies a prominent place in the perception of Italianness in the world. 

5 prodotti enogastronomici italiani

In this case, the raw material is imported, but the well-established skills of those who know how to transform the product, such as the historic Piansa roasting company, make artisanal coffee production one of the flagships of our food and wine.


Which of these 5 food and wine products of Italy best known abroad do you like best? Share your answer with us through our social networks 🙂