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The best cream of lard from Colonnata

Today we discover together the best Colonnata lard cream!

In the beautiful scenery of the Apuan Alps, we venture along a mountain road past tunnels dug under the world-famous marble quarries. After a series of hairpin bends, we reach Colonnata, a village known for its highly prized lard.

La miglior crema di lardo di Colonnata

Cave di Marmo di Carrara


Right in the main square we find the Antica Larderia Mafalda, where the processing of this exceptional primary product has been handed down for generations. Waiting for us is Carlo, who takes us to the production workshop, whose entrance is right in one of the picturesque streets of the village. 

La miglior crema di lardo di Colonnata

Conche di marmo dove si spezia il lardo


Large marble tubs called “conche” house the lard, left to mature thanks to the humidity of the environment and embellished with aromatic herbs and spices of various kinds. The smell is ecstatic and one can already imagine the savoury taste on a slice of toasted bread. 


Carlo explains that the history of this locality has always been intertwined with that of its product, since until a few decades ago the inhabitants used it not so much as a tasty treat, but as a real source of sustenance. Even today, quarry workers consume large quantities of it during the long working day, just as it is still customary to give fellow citizens a nice package of lard in exchange for a personal favour. 

La miglior crema di lardo di Colonnata

Monumento ai lavoratori delle cave di marmo


The village festival, usually held in the month of August, encapsulates the entire sense of the tradition of this product, when hundreds of people take the opportunity to visit the village of Colonnata and taste an absolute delicacy that is celebrated here and only here with such legitimate passion.

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