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What to give as a Christmas gift? A box of quality typical products!

Gifting typical products at Christmas is a tradition that is still solid in Italy. Radici Italiane wants to carry on this custom, and boxes of quality food and wine products have been designed for this very special holiday.

Christmas is sharing, family, magic. It is the time one wants to spend with loved ones and the best spirit that resides in each of us. A time that you look forward so long for a day that sometimes flies by in an instant. That’s why we thought of a lunch with all the right ingredients.


From Pastificio Fabbri’s artisanal pasta to the Ragù di Chianina PGI, which together with an excellent Chianti Classico forms a perfect combination.


Dessert time is coming, and what could be better than a complete tasting? From the chocolate Cantucci Toscani to the famous Ricciarelli di Siena, from the Amedei chocolate bar to the tasty Cialde di Montecatini waffles to the Almond Mattonelline.

In addition, we have recently launched Box Tuscany, a package entirely dedicated to Tuscany and its wonderful places. Each product is typical and representative of its territory, precisely because history and tradition have allowed it to be passed down from generation to generation.

You will find a QR code inside the box through which you can learn about the places and characteristics of the product as told by the producers themselves.

If you wish, you can create the box to your liking by choosing from our catalog and contacting us by email or whatsapp.