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Radici Italiane

Il gusto di scoprire bontà.

At the quest for taste and beauty.

Radici Italiane was born by an idea of Tommaso Pasquinelli and Denise Ortiz to introduce the Italian and international public to the very best of what Italy has to offer in the world of food and wine, and tourism.

This is the way we shape the boxes of Radici Italiane, consisting of carefully selected products: the perfect gift to share with family and friends.

Denise is Argentinean and has always been in love with Italy. She graduated in Business Management at Ucema in Buenos Aires, then added various professional experiences in the world of large companies, before coming to live in Tuscany.

Her passion for Italian culture, from art to food and wine, has given her an insight into the most authentic Italy.

Tommaso was born and raised in Tuscany. After his master’s degree in International Diplomacy, he moved first to New York and then to Buenos Aires, where he worked at the Italian Cultural Institute and at Enit.

These experiences helped mature and strengthen his desire to promote Italy in the world.

After many years away from Italy. I decided to rediscover our roots contributing to the promotion of high quality products and the Italy's great cultural heritage. 'This is the right moment to think about a future where choosing healthy food is an everyday habit, as well as appreciating the craftsmanship of production and enjoying our enchanting places.

Since l have been living here I am astonished at every place we visit. Just like when we meet the producers. I deeply admire the passion they put into realizing their delicacies. I am arways amazed by hot traditions are deep-rooted and living in their work, and by the extraordinary tastiness of products we have been discovering.

Each box by Radici Italiane is a window overlooking a place.

An open window on the world of Italian delicacies to discover and taste. A privileged viewpoint on Italy and its many and varied excellences.

Open the Radici Italiane box and you will find the flavours of Florence and Chianti, but also the unspoilt nature of the Maremma, the sunny roads of the Val D’Orcia villages and much more.

We prepare for you a selection of authentic and natural products that focus on quality, because Italy is really full of excellences. We want to tell them all!

Tastes, stories, discoveries.

Every city, town, place that we visit has a long story to tell. This story is truly narrated by the products we put in the boxes.

Each speciality has a unique and essential bond with the place that we first explored.

Artisan, organic products certified DOCG, DOC, PGI , which are double-tied with tradition and the local Italian excellence: these are the products that Radici Italiane chooses for you.


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