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Every place has its taste.
Every taste has its box.

We look for and select excellences that narrate a territory.
Every box gathers the selected specialities of one specific area and let you discover the taste and beauty of Italy!

Create your own custom box!

Discovering tastiness with enthusiasm.

Radici Italiane leads you at the discovery of excellences by choosing only the best of the Italian food and wine tradition.
Our selection boxes keep the fragrance and taste of every place in Italy that we wish to portray.

Radici Italiane

discover all our boxes!

We explore Italy to discover the true tastiness of the “Bel Paese”. We collect it in a box, for you!

Our selection allows you to taste the essence of every place we explored. However, if you desire something different you can create your own box by choosing the products from the different categories.

Create your own custom box

Radici Italiane, the boxes

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What they say about us

Lovely little shop with amazing regional products from tuscany and other regions in Italy. We got great advice from the owner and she is very kind and welcoming!

Since I have been living here I am astonished at every place we visit. Just like when we meet the producers, I deeply admire the passion they put into realizing their delicacies. I am always amazed by how traditions are deep-rooted and living in their work, and by the extraordinary tastiness of products we have been discovering.

After many years away from Italy, I decided to rediscover our roots contributing to the promotion of high quality products and the Italy’s great cultural heritage. This is the right moment to think about a future where choosing healthy food is an everyday habit, as well as appreciating the craftsmanship of production and enjoying our enchanting places.

“Award to the best
taste boutiques in Italy”.

We were recognised at one of the most important food and wine events in Italy: ‘Golosaria’ in Milan!

It was a wonderful experience that allowed us to make our company and our products known to a public particularly interested not only in the pleasure of taste but also in well-being and quality food.

In the 2023 guide by “Il Golosario” you will find us in the section of the best shops to visit in our city: Pistoia!

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