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Blackberry jam – Florence Box

Learn more about the blackberry jam that is part of Radici Italiane’s Florence Box.


We are in the laboratory of the Pure Stagioni company, just outside Florence, which produces jams of unique goodness. The idea behind the company’s production philosophy is the recovery of some Renaissance recipes. The owner Federico, in fact, says, “We wanted to recover tradition, reworking recipes from the past. The result is a truly excellent blackberry jam!”

The processing is characterised by the artisanship of the production process, just like in the old days. No preservatives or colouring agents are used. The fruit is boiled for a long time in a container. When a mixture has been obtained, it is sealed inside beautiful circular-shaped packages. The last step is labelling, which is done by hand.

The blackberries are picked and selected in the woods near the workshop, in the quiet area of Firenze Castello, right on the hills where the historic Medici villa ‘La Pietraia’ stands. The delicate and light taste of the jam is appreciated, as it is made without the use of added sugar. It is delicious both for breakfast and for an impromptu snack during the day, to be spread on a slice of toasted bread.