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FLORENCE BOX S – Jewels of art and taste

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Oil from the hills of Leonardo, spaghetti of an ancient pasta factory in the Chianti area, the precious and sweet fruits from the blackberry bushes harvested on the slopes, biscuits of an old bakery in the Sant’Ambrogio Market, dairy products of Mugello in a crunchy snack.




Florence is the cradle of the Renaissance. It is also the place where the Italian language started to grow and thrives in the masterpiece of Dante as the land of beauty and culture. Florence is also a territory rife with tastiness: unique, special. From the streets of the city centre, between an old biscuit factory and a historical roasting plant, you suddenly get lost in the greenery, in search of juicy fruits already used in the renaissance for producing jams. The journey continues along the sweet hills of Vinci – where Leonardo used to hike – over which olive groves stretch as far as the eye can see. Then, we head south at the discovery of a beer that pays homage to the four colours of the historic Florentine football.

Little by little, we enter a land full of excellences: here is Chianti, where the stories of old professionals in the pasta sector and experts of raisined grapes welcome us. The time has come to explore the rocky ridges of Valdarno – which are believed to be on the background of the Monna Lisa – and perfectly cultivated fields devoted to the production of a bean with a truly magic tastiness. We then reach the Mugello valley, at the discovery of the sweet and natural flavour of the marrone chestnut – even better than the chestnuts we are used to! – and of dairy-based snacks produced with the milk from the extensive farming on these huge fields. It’s time to go back to Florence. From the top of the hills we can distinguish the Brunelleschi’s dome, the Giotto’s Bell Tower and the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore. We enjoy the view from the hill of Fiesole toasting with a red wine produced in a vineyard nearby.

We celebrate Florence and everything it has to offer to our eyes and our sense of taste. Let’s drink to the first journey of Radici Italiane discovering people, territories and specialities!

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Extra virgin and organic. From olives harvested by hand in the territory of Vinci, homeland of the genius of Leonardo. Its green-gold colour proves that olives are harvested at their right point of maturity, while the slight opacity is a sign of wholesomeness and respect for the raw material. The best way to taste it? On a slice of toasted bread, in order to appreciate its aroma and taste fully.

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Selected Italian wheat only, high quality gluten, natural drying at low temperature: this is how Spaghettoni are created. Bronze drawn, in full respect of quality and tradition, their peculiar rough surface is due to the manufacturing machinery - which they used in the 50s already - allowing the pasta to better absorb the sauce. Spaghettoni are exceptionally tasty. Can you smell the wheat?

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Delicious, fragrant, with no preservatives and chemical additives. The extra jam by Pure Stagioni entails blackberries picked from July to September in the woods of the Florentine area. They are processed immediately, in order to preserve their fragrance and taste. 100% natural, 86% fruit, rich in vitamins and antioxidants. The perfect choice for a sweet or a salted break!

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Fragrant, fluffy, intense. The Brutti ma Buoni biscuits with Pistachio (namely Ugly but Good) from Biscottificio Leonardo take shape in the very heart of Florence. The bakery overlooks the Sant’Ambrogio Market and has been running for over a century. Their recipe is kept secret: all what we know is that almonds and first choice pistachio are added to the sourdough dough: a touch of sweetness and fragrance. Delicious eaten alone - and not ugly at all - they are extraordinary paired with a good vin santo.

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Crispy, tempting, tasty. The Croccantella was born in a historical farm, where cattle are all born in site and fed with organically grown fodder. With this sustainable milk they produce the Gran Mugello Ubaldino, a cheese matured in a cave for 12 to 24 months, which ensures the Croccantella a unique taste. Even more special in combination with a full-bodied red wine.

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