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The extra virgin olive oil of Monte Amiata, the rice of the Maremma Park, the Chicken Liver patè, the fisherman’s sauce, the Cavallucci pastries of the Medicean family, the wild boar ragout, the centuries-old lentils of Sorano, the Morellino di Scansano wine

Grosseto is land and sea. Grosseto is delicious!


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Intense, fragrant, precious. The Abbraccio oil is produced at the foothills of Monte Amiata, at more than 600 m height, the place of origin of the Olivastra Seggianese DOP cultivar variety, which is particularly resistant to low winter temperatures. The green olives of the majestic olive trees are harvested - almost entirely by hand - to give origin to an organic oil that blends a spicy taste with a bitter touch. Its inebriating fruity taste is perfect for a dinner with all the trimmings.
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Unique, authentic, organic. The Carnaroli rice form Tenuta San Carlo is created in full respect of the land, from the preparation of the soil to the selection of seeds, the timing for the harvest and the traditional stone processing. The ideal choice for a creamy risotto with a tasty fish sauce.

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Savoury, authentic, traditional. Mullet fish is a native variety of the Grosseto lagoon and the protagonist of this sauce that smells of sea and enriched with tomatoes, black olives and capers. Processed according to traditions dating back to the 16th century State of the Presidi (namely garrisons) the fisherman’s sauce expresses its full taste in a good risotto, the perfect matching to discover and be pleasantly surprised by the tastiness of the fish from the lagoon.

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Fragrant, good, spicy. The Cavallucci from Le Logge are realized following the traditional recipes from the 14th century and using a stone-ground ancient wheat flour in a mixture with walnuts, spices and candied fruits. Cavallucci are perfect after a dinner in good company, as it used to happen during the Middle Ages, when they were served in taverns frequented by “cavallai”, who travelled by horse-drawn stagecoaches. Here comes their name and their tastiness is famous since then.

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Unmistakable, evergreen, classic. In Tuscany: unmissable. Grannies and mums used to follow carefully the traditional recipe for preparing this fragrant and tasty cream for the Sunday lunch or special occasions. Delicious and light, it tastes best spread on a slice of bread. Mouth watering!
Traditional, appetizing, tasty. The wild boar ragout is a typical sauce of the Maremma cuisine and it is prepared following the rules of the tradition and respecting the slow cooking times. Only a few ingredients: tomato purée, wild boar meat simmered with white wine and extra virgin olive oil, carrots, celery and onions from organic farming and harvested when ripe. The boars of Le Macchie Alte live in the wild. Are you ready to taste a sauce that entails the truly essence of Maremma?

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Rich, nutritious, tasty. The lentils of the Fonterosa farm grow in Sorano, the land of tuff. Their unmistakable taste and nutritional properties derive from the volcanic rocks in which potassium is abundant and calcium is not present: for a unique product. They are picked, cleaned and packaged by hand. Delicious and with an extra thin skin that melts in your mouth.

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Red, dry, still. It boasts a clearly perceivable and well balanced tannic flavour and a fruity aftertaste. Can you smell the laurel and rosemary? The Mediterranean scrub offers us these notes made of fresh fruits and berries. An intense ruby that gives its best with hearty dishes and red meats.

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Discover the Maremma Box M


Grosseto, the Maremma and Monte Amiata are areas where the man had to engage with nature: the ancient marshy areas have been transformed over time into areas of great agricultural tradition, where the added value is provided by the ample spaces and an unavoidable respect for the environment. We take you on a tour to discover the delicacies in the Maremma Box M.

We start from Grosseto and its sea. A few steps away we find ourselves in the rice fields, inside the wonderful Maremma Regional Park.

We descend along the coast to Talamone, where Garibaldi and his troops made landfall before landing in Sicily. Who knows if he too sipped a glass of “Morellino” wine?

Waiting for us are the placid waters of the Orbetello lagoon, where fishermen have been working for centuries to maintain the balance of this limited marine ecosystem.

From the waters of the Argentario we head towards equally noble waters, the thermal waters of Saturnia. Here the tradition of game is a real ritual and the king is the wild boar ragout, one of the most emblematic flavours of Maremma cuisine.

A few kilometres further on, the Tufi lands, with their perched villages: it is in the vegetable gardens of these areas that the Sorano lentils, a particular and centuries-old variety, are born. We then conquer the peaks of Monte Amiata, covered by thick beech woods, and stop in Santa Fiora, one of the most beautiful villages in Italy, to taste the typical Tuscan crostino made.

We are only halfway through the journey through the goodness of the Maremma and its territory…


We then arrive in a small village famous, Seggiano, for its centuries-old olive tree, the Olivastra Seggianese, capable of giving exquisite fragrances.

From here to a small town in the Grosseto hinterland, where agricultural tradition is ageless, to learn about a historic artisanal distillery, where the pomace is blended to deliver a product of great softness.

Returning towards the coast, we discover the artistic wealth of Massa Marittima and the cavallucci, characteristic sweets already known at the time of Lorenzo the Magnificent.

We finally return to Grosseto, the city that embraces this territory of great diversity, which combines the astonishing beauty of its places with the natural goodness of its products, all contained in the Maremma Box.

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