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Salty biscuits from Florence, Pici from Siena, Chianina meat ragout bred in the meadows of the Val di Chiana, extra virgin olive oil from Seggiano, chocolate biscuits from a historic biscuit factory in Carrara, olive cream from the Maremma coast, red wine from the historic Chianti region, famous Tuscan Cantucci biscuits with almonds, mushroom and truffle sauce from the Pisan countryside, and the traditional Buccellato from Lucca.

Tuscany is endless beauty and tastiness!


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Baked by a historic artisan Biscuit Factory on the outskirts of Florence.  Fiorentini's savory “biscotti” are made with parmesan, sage and rosemary: inside is all the good taste of the Renaissance city.
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The wheat is Senatore Cappelli. The supply chain is very short. The pasta is stone-ground. Pici are the protagonists of the enchanted Val d'Orcia. As exceptional as their format!
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The Chianina is the most delicious lean meat that fully represents the Tuscan food and wine tradition. The ragout captures all its flavour, delicate and tasty, thanks to the respectful breeding of the wide spaces reserved for these animals.
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Intense, fragrant, precious. The Abbraccio oil is produced at the foothills of Monte Amiata, at more than 600 m height, the place of origin of the Olivastra Seggianese DOP cultivar variety, which is particularly resistant to low winter temperatures. The green olives of the majestic olive trees are harvested - almost entirely by hand - to give origin to an organic oil that blends a spicy taste with a bitter touch. Its inebriating fruity taste is perfect for a dinner with all the trimmings.
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The slow rising is the secret behind these cookies, allowing the shortbread to release all the unbeatable chocolate chip fragrance. Perfect for a snack, but they can be eaten at any hour!
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The essence of the classic Tuscan olive, the Leccino, in a creamy spread. The olives are harvested on the Costa degli Etruschi, a land kissed by the sun and the sea. Ideal both for crostini and for dressing pasta.
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The classic Tuscan cantuccio. With more than 20% almonds in the dough. Crispy and soft, they surprise with their freshness: they look as if they have just come out of the oven!
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The area around San Miniato and the Pisan hills are famous for its prized mushrooms. This sauce combines the champignon mushrooms of this area with a touch of truffle gathered in its unspoilt woods. A delicacy on crostini, meat and pasta dishes
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The traditional speciality of Lucca. A sweet bread that closes a dinner in style. Sliced and toasted, it is even better: a true delight of the city of the Walls
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Chianti is Tuscany's wine of excellence, thanks to strict regulations that protect the wines of the historic Chianti Classico region. On the nose you can smell all the intensity of Sangiovese, on the palate you find fruit and fresh aromas. It is exalted with a good Florentine steak and goes equally well with cheese, fatty meats and roasts.
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Discover the Tuscany Box L


Tuscany is a land of splendour. A place of great wealth: for its hills, its sea and its mountains. At every corner you can discover the goodness of its traditional products, handed down from generation to generation and which we have selected for you in the Tuscany Box L.

We start in the capital city of Florence, the city of art par excellence, where the tradition of craftsmanship can be found in salty biscuits flavoured with rosemary and sage. Gradually the Chianti scenery takes shape, amidst a series of rows and bunches of grapes, right here where the world-famous wine is made.

The hills thin out towards the Val di Chiana, where the prized breed of Chianina cattle is reared, with which they make a ragout to savour in every mouthful.

Here we enter the enchanted Val d’Orcia, among green cypress trees and yellow hills, where quality wheat has always been cultivated. Suddenly Monte Amiata stands out, amidst sturdy olive trees positioned at altitude from which a high quality extra virgin olive oil is produced.

We are only halfway through our journey through the tastiness of Tuscany….


Suddenly the smell of the sea takes over. This is the Tuscan coastline that stretches from the Maremma to the Etruscan Coast, where the olives are enhanced by the maritime air. A little further inland, in the hills of Pisa, the delicious truffles spring up amidst the woods of unspoilt nature.

We arrive in Versilia, which with its iconic beaches makes one long for a craft beer. Against the backdrop of marble quarries, a historic biscuit factory in Carrara appears and is just the thing for a tasty chocolate biscuit snack.

We enter the walls of Lucca to enjoy buccellato, the city’s traditional cake. From here we arrive at the last stop, the beautiful Piazza del Duomo in Pistoia. Here we admire the many artistic treasures while tasting some truly exceptional cantucci.

That’s right: the Tuscany Box is a dream of beauty and tastiness.

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