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Seggiano extra virgin olive oil PDO – Maremma Box

Learn more about Seggiano DOP extra virgin olive oil, part of Radici Italiane’s Maremma Box.

‘Oil is a family asset’. It is with these words that Mirko, the young owner of the Abbraccio company, affirms what Seggiano DOP olive oil means in this small community, where a boundless love for the olive tree has been handed down for centuries.

The Seggianese olive, the name of the typical cultivar, is striking for the characteristic consistency of its trunk and its exceptional ability to grow taller.

We are in an olive grove with over three thousand trees, in front of the highest peak of Monte Amiata, in a valley bordering the famous Val d’Orcia. The gradients and steep terrain certainly do not facilitate the harvesting of the olives, but they give this type of oil a truly extraordinary characterisation, both in terms of aroma and taste.


The Olivastra Seggianese: an olive tree that only grows in the municipality of Seggiano

We reach the warehouse reserved for bottling, where we begin the tasting. We sip the oil after warming the glass with our hands, grit our teeth to atomise the liquid and feel its delicate taste in our mouths. It is an experience that restores us to all the passion of the producers, as the sun dips down over the valley, shedding a vivid light on the surrounding landscape.

As a last stop, we stop at the Frantoio Seggianese, which, thanks to the use of modern machinery, makes it possible to control every stage of production with extreme care. Luciano, the President of the Consorzio di olivastra seggianese, tells us that the synergy between the producers makes it possible to offer an entirely organic product, being able to monitor every single step of production.

Before saying goodbye, Luciano and Mirko are keen to let us know that in Seggiano every family keeps a multitude of stocks of extra virgin olive oil. In fact, it is very common to use this very high quality product for both seasoning and cooking in everyday life, just like a ‘family treasure‘.