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Biscuits with almonds and hazelnuts – Pistoia Box

Learn more about the cookies with almonds and hazelnuts that are part of the Pistoia Box by Radici Italiane.


In the picturesque scenery of the Pistoia Mountains, just where the Lima stream flows peacefully, we unearth a bakery that has been warming the hearts of the inhabitants of the village of Popiglio for two generations. And that “churns out” biscuits with almonds and hazelnuts that are simply delicious.

We are just a few steps from the bridge built by Castruccio Castracani, which until the unification of Italy represented the border between Pistoia and Lucca. Even today we can still see the two buildings that served as customs houses, which had to watch over the traffic of goods from one side of the river to the other. It is precisely the Castracani bridge that is the product’s labeled protagonist.

Between the perched village of Piteglio and the town of San Marcello Pistoiese, a tourist destination because of its cool summer climate, is Antico Forno Berti. Owner Lorenzo tells us that he wanted to reinterpret traditional Tuscan cookies, making his specialty: the “mattonelline.” An extraordinary square-shaped treat, exquisite biscuits with almonds and hazelnuts.

The artisanal dough and fragrance of these cookies make them tasty to everyone’s palate. The “mattonelline” (little bricks) are delicious for many occasions. To accompany with vinsanto at the end of a nice dinner or as a tasty snack, perhaps right in the midst of nature and the beauty of these mountains.