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Brigidini of Lamporecchio – Pistoia Box

Learn more about Lamporecchio’s brigidinos that are part of Radici Italiane’s Pistoia Box.

“The brigidino is Lamporecchio and Lamporecchio is the brigidino” comments Claudio of the historic Rinati company. It is also thanks to the latter that this has been possible, having made this delicacy with such a special taste known all over the world: the brigidini of Lamporecchio.

Brigidini di Lamporecchio

The idea of taking the brigidino beyond the borders of this small town, first to Florence then to the rest of Italy, came to a local entrepreneur. He thought there could be pushed beyond the dimension of street sales, which was in fact the tradition for such a product. In fact, as was the custom, they were offered at festivals and village festivals. While the idea was to focus on a broader production distributed throughout the year.

Just as the Rinati company did, which since 1982 represents, exactly in the territory where brigidini were invented, the only entrepreneurial reality. At least compared to the street vendors who still sell the product in bulk in typical stalls.


Claudio, the manager of the company, tells us how the brigidino was born. Legend has it that the nuns of the convent of San Baronto, devoted to St. Brigid (a Swedish nun who lived in the 14th century) produced these soft biscuits. They had the precise function of being used as hosts during Mass. With the spread of this particular sweet in the town of Lamporecchio, many families in the area, mostly of peasant extraction, used to prepare brigidini to enjoy them in the warmth of the fireplace during the winter.

The simplicity of both the ingredients (flour, eggs, sugar) and the processing (just two steps, namely kneading and shaping) made it possible to establish an inseparable link between this village in the heart of Tuscany and its famous product. That’s right: Lamporecchio is the brigidino and the brigidino is Lamporecchio.