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Black lentils of Sorano – Maremma Box

Learn more about Sorano black lentils, a great product of the Maremma Box by Radici Italiane.


Favourable climate, hilly air, large spaces left to nature. These are not the only elements that in the Tufo villages allow a cultivation that guarantees high quality products: such as the Sorano black lentils. It is precisely the tuff, a magmatic rock of which the soil is predominantly composed, that ensures a considerable need for nutrients for the plants.

Barbara, the daughter of the founder of the Fonterosa farm, reveals that her father carried out an analysis of the nature of the soil and from this study emerged a considerable amount of potassium, which is able to promote the well-being of the plants.

Of the different types of legumes that the company produces, black lentils are the flagship product and by far the most original. This particular colouring is due to anthocyanins, plant pigments found in the leaves of the plants. They taste delicate and soft, besides being rich in fibre and boasting numerous antioxidant properties.

Lentils are ideal both for preparing a tasty soup and as an excellent side dish. In Italy, the tradition of eating them on New Year’s Eve is still very strong. But for the goodness of these lentils, it is certainly not worth waiting that long…