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Maremma Box: Le Macchie Alte

The natural hot springs of Saturnia are a small paradise in the heart of the Maremma: a series of terraces made into pools containing sulfur, restoring travelers to these lands filled with enchantment.

Right here, on yellow hills, warmed by the sun for most of the year, we find an organic farmhouse, one of the very first to open in all of Italy, back in the late 1980s. A happy intuition of the owner Giovanni, who paved the way for a host of other facilities scattered throughout Tuscany, which were inspired by this model made of nature and relaxation.

To the idea of the classic agritourism, Giovanni wanted to add the creation of food and wine products. We chose one that is particularly representative of the Maremma: wild boar ragout. The tradition of Maremma cuisine dictates that it should be cooked respecting the long cooking time and, once at the table, savoring its full flavor, perhaps with a good glass of Morellino di Scansano.

Wild boar farming is practiced with the utmost respect for the environment, which includes vast wooded areas where these animals live in the wild and reproduce in large numbers. We are in the innermost part of the Maremma, in the part most devoted to greenery and naturalness: we close our eyes for a moment and open them again in the midst of a dreamlike panorama, where we can rediscover the pleasure of relaxing, in front of a good dish of pasta with wild boar ragout.


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