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Mixed Pickled vegetables in organic oil- Maremma Box

Learn more about the Mixed pickled vegetables in organic oil that is part of the Box Maremma.

Between the Etruscan town of Vetulonia and the seaside town of Follonica is La Magia farm, a family-run business that boasts a large expanse of cultivated fields. Their most referenced product is giardiniera, which brings together seasonal vegetables that are hand-picked and carefully selected.

Elena, who represents the third generation of the company, proudly shows us an endless expanse of green. The garden is tended by the daily passion of an entire family. Mom is in charge of cooking vegetables in the kitchen, while father is dedicated to working the land. Even grandmother still makes her contribution, in the workshop as well as in the kitchen.

A true family synergy that makes this giardiniera a product of experience and passion. The excellent climatic conditions and proximity to the sea guarantee the high quality of the ingredients.

This mixed pickled vegetables goes well with many dishes, including fish, cured meats, cheeses and salads or can be served as a side dish with boiled meats. A product suitable for summer as well as winter. In fact, since ancient times, giardiniera has been designed because of the overabundance of vegetables in the summer months to be consumed in the cold season.

Carrots, celery, eggplant, zucchini, artichokes. Here is sweet and sour vegetable “giardiniera”, a healthy local product made with seasonal vegetables.