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Cavallucci – Maremma Box

Learn more about the seahorses that are part of the Box Maremma.


During the Middle Ages, wayfarers stopping at Tuscan taverns were offered wine and cookies, called cavallucci precisely because the patrons led horse-drawn stagecoaches. It was precisely the goodness of these cookies that had the function of covering the strong flavor of the wine, which very often was not of quality,

It is from this custom handed down over the centuries that the cavallucci of the historic Pasticceria Le Logge were born. The processing method is artisanal, and the company faithfully represents the Sienese confectionery tradition.

We are in Massa marittima, a town with a remarkable artistic footprint. Since the 1200s it has always been linked to Siena, although today it is part of the province of Grosseto. In the main square the monuments give beautiful perspectives from whatever angle you find yourself. However, the best spot is right under the loggias, where Massa marittima‘s historic pastry shop is located.

Walnuts, candied fruit and spices are the main ingredients for making cavallucci. Even today they prove to be the most popular cookies with locals and tourists alike. Just as in the past, when wayfarers intrigued by their shape and taste moved from one part of Tuscany to another in search of these goodies.