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Artisanal grappa – Maremma Box

Learn more about Box Maremma’s artisanal grappa.

In the vast Maremma countryside we find the historic Grappe Nannoni distillery, an internationally recognized excellence. This is where the pomace from Tuscany’s most prestigious wineries arrives to bring it to distillation and produce a high-quality artisanal grappa.

The company was founded by Gioacchino Nannoni, a native of Valdarno, who moved as a young man to the Maremma zone of Tuscany, in Paganico. Here he started this activity so complex in terms of craftsmanship, being with the course of the years baptized as “prince distiller” by experts in the field.

Waiting for us is Priscilla, who is in charge of the entire production process, having won numerous international awards. She speaks of distillation as a true art, which involves recognizing the scents of the raw material and then discarding both the head and the tail of the liquid. Only the “heart,” that is, the middle part, is thus selected.

The master distiller, through an entirely artisanal process personally intervenes by relying on his own senses. The pomace is loaded into the boiler beginning the distillation, until the load is exhausted, before moving on to the next cycle in the still. This is precisely why it is called discontinuous distillation.

We are in the distillery and Priscilla waves us up a small ladder. From up here we can observe the first liquid coming out, after the alcohol has evaporated separating from the water. At this point it is up to the master distiller to select the same liquid and obtain a grappa with great aromatic balance.

“Gente di Maremma” is a reserve grappa aged eighteen months. A product that honors this area, where once there were only marshes and after centuries of reclamation, grand achievements like this are possible.