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Organic extra virgin olive oil – Pistoia Box

Learn more about the organic extra virgin olive oil that is part of the Pistoia Box by Radici Italiane.


There are people who are endowed with a natural sense of hospitality, accustomed to opening the doors of their homes to curious wayfarers. Berta, a former biologist by profession, along with her husband are the owners of Antico Colle Fiorito Farm, which produces organic extra virgin olive oil.

Their house is located in the hills of San Baronto, a truly fortunate location. From the terrace, in fact, they point us to the sea to the west, the Tuscan countryside to the south, the mountains of Abetone to the north and the hills of Montalbano to the east. It is immediately clear how much care and determination is behind their business, to which they have added the realization of their dream: a wild animal farm where some endangered species are preserved.

An exquisite lunch is prepared for us, all based on the farm’s organic olive oil, awarded by many national competitions for its quality. An oil characterized by a slightly sweet note. It presents the fruity taste of classic Tuscan oil and bears the organic label.

Is it possible that animals can also contribute to the oil production process? On this organic farm it certainly seems so….

Within the property there are numerous areas dedicated to animals. From the stable with horses and mini ponies, to the aviary for parrots and peacocks. Then there are hares, rabbits, chickens of all species, and even giant tortoises. The two owners tell us that they themselves took care of the construction of all the areas that accommodate the various animals, which in some way also participate in the oil production process. In fact, ponies prevent the creation of couch grass and weeds around the olive trees, keeping the entire olive grove clean, a fundamental condition for the well-being of the plants.

Thus, a production process that takes into account the cooperation between nature and man, without the use of any chemical agents and with full respect for the environment. This is how a 100% organic extra virgin olive oil is obtained.