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Olive cream – Tuscany Box

Find out more about the olive cream that is part of the Tuscany Box by Radici Italiane.


It is well known that Tuscan olive oil is recognised as one of the best in the world. And from these prized olives other products of equal excellence can be born, such as the olive cream made by the organic farm Il Bottaccio.

We are on the Costa degli Etruschi, near the wonderful Gulf of Baratti, an oasis of sea and greenery all around, where the hills slope gently down to the coast. Here there are mainly olive groves of leccino, a cultivar characteristic of Tuscany. The foliage is thick and the branches resemble those of the weeping willow.

The farm’s processing method is organic, meaning that no chemical agents are used throughout the life of the olive trees. The olives are all harvested by hand and brought to press within twenty-four hours by cold pressing.

During preparation, the olives are crushed to a paste, to which extra virgin olive oil is added. And now the olive cream is ready.

Ideal to spread on bread as an aperitif as well as an appetiser, it can also be used to prepare sauces for first and second courses. On the palate you can feel all the intensity of Tuscan olives, with their strong, fruity flavour. A goodness waiting to be discovered!