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Truffle sauce -Tuscany Box

Learn more about the truffle sauce that is part of the Tuscany Box by Radici Italiane.


The truffle, a mushroom of exceptional value, only grows in uncontaminated lands, among hills of dense woods where nature is the main protagonist of the environment.

We are in the Pisan hills, near the renowned town of San Miniato, famous for its truffle festival. We pass through the door of the Savini Museum, where the history of this family that has dedicated a lifetime to the world of truffles is illustrated.

museum of the truffle

As Cristiano, the grandson who now owns the company, tells us, it was his grandfather Zelindo Savini who was among the first to understand the potential of truffles on the market. At that time it was reserved as a waste food for animals, but in a short time the truffle became a well-known, highly appreciated and highly paid product.

All this required and still requires constant effort and attention, especially in terms of respect for the environment and the fundamental role played by the protagonists in the search for this very special mushroom, that is the dogs.

truffle experience tuscany

How truffle sauce is born. From the truffle experience to the table.

It’s time for the truffle experience. We are in the woods just a few kilometres from the company and the two “Lagotti Romagnoli” sniff all the roots of the oak trees, often ending up finding truffles of various sizes and types.

They live this moment as if it were a game and it is surprising to observe how much our two companions, who guide the dogs in their search, have an absolute respect for these woods. Each hole dug by the dogs is covered just after the truffle has been brought to the surface, leaving the ground as compact as it was found.

Time to set the table! This truffle sauce is perfect for an excellent first course, but also as an appetiser spread on bread.