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PGI Chianina Ragout – Tuscany Box

Learn more about the Chianina PGI ragout that is part of the Tuscany Box by Radici Italiane.


Right on the border between Tuscany and Umbria, is the San Giobbe farm, which produces a top-quality Chianina PGI  meat sauce.

Among vineyards, olive trees and a mill, the main focus is on raising the Chianina, a breed of cattle typical of the Val di Chiana. It is an elegant animal, with a white color reminiscent of porcelain, which is and was considered so valuable that in the past it was exhibited during historical processions and sacrificed in honor of deities.

Within the stables, these cattle enjoy ample space and a team of operators constantly checks their hygienic and sanitary conditions. All these attentions leads the cows to avoid endemic stress, in addition to the input of the veterinary surgeon who checks the health status of the animal before butchery.

Alessandro, one of the farm’s managers, accompanies us to the highest part of the farm, from where the view extends as far as the city of Chiusi. A city of Etruscan origin, where already at the time the breeding of the Chianina breed was considered an enormous asset.

All stages of the production, from breeding to butchery, are carried out in the same place, so as to avoid movements that would abruptly interrupt the cold chain.

Thus, a short supply chain that makes it possible to offer a high quality product such as the Chianina PGI meat sauce. In essence, a full recovery of tradition, of how meat was once made and thanks to which a healthy and wholesome meat sauce is brought to the table. All that remains is to try it!