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Chianti Classico wine – Tuscany Box

Learn more about the Chianti Classico wine that is part of the Tuscany Box of Radici Italiane.


We travel through the gentle hills of Chianti, among places that appear to have been preserved in time. What has made this area halfway between Florence and Siena so famous in the world is not only the wine that has always been produced here, but also its landscape, which corresponds to the typical Tuscan landscape in the collective imagination.

We are on the Chianti Classico wine road and we are surrounded by forests, vineyards, medieval castles and ancient villages… In this scenery of other times, you can experience a rural culture with a centuries-old tradition of wine production.


But what does Chianti Classico mean?

The Chianti Classico appellation refers to the historical Chianti region, which was already famous for its red wine in the Middle Ages and which in 1924 decided to adopt the characteristic black rooster as its symbol, to be affixed to all bottles of wine produced exclusively in the limited territory of nine municipalities of Chianti.

The ability to join forces in the Consortium of the Chianti Classico, together with the favourable climate, the abundant presence of water and vegetation, have contributed in making this product one of the most important and well-known in the world.


We reach Castelnuovo Berardenga and stop at the Castello di Bossi, a perfectly preserved manor house dating back to medieval times and located on one of these beautiful hills.

The current owner Marco Bacci took over the winery in 1984 and since then has stamped his mark on the wine, starting with the organic processing. His flagship wine is of course the Chianti Classico, aged for at least eleven months: the result is a wine with good structure and persistent aromas as well as flavours.

In these parts, wine is an integral part of the environment. The vineyards are as far as the eye can see and history is there ready to remind us of how this territory has dedicated all its resources, natural and human, to the production of the historically most famous red wine in the world.

Castello di Bossi faithfully represents its expression: a glass of this excellent Chianti Classico in front of the green hills is priceless!