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Top 5 typical products of Pistoia

What are the 5 typical products of Pistoia?

Let’s discover together the most famous products of the city and its surroundings, from the historical center that still preserves its medieval imprint to the green countryside that opens towards Florence:

1. Almond Sugars

Tradition has it that the confetto pistoiese is called “birignoccoluto“, a local term to indicate the small points on its surface, as if it had small bumps. These are nothing more than drops of sugar syrup that have solidified during processing, which in the Confetteria Corsini is still completely artisan.


2. Chocolate biscuits

This is the “workhorse” of the Fratelli Lunardi, artisans since 1966. The shape is that of a cantuccio, in this case made entirely of chocolate and further enriched by large pieces of dark chocolate. You eat one and you end up eating them all!


3. Montalbano hills Organic Olive oil

Tuscan extra-virgin olive oil is always of guaranteed quality, but that of the Antico Colle Fiorito farm brings with it the soft taste of these hills and the passion of the owners, who can boast of the organic label.


4. Cioccolato La Molina

This is a company that has been able to carve out its own space in the famous Chocolate Valley. Their chocolate creations are like real works of art, characterized by a colorful and impressive packaging, in which chocolate is the absolute protagonist, of a truly incomparable goodness.


5. Montalbano Chianti DOCG wine

Probably many do not know it, but Pistoia with the area of Montalbano is part of the protected geographical area where it is possible to produce Chianti, in particular “Chianti del Montalbano”. Tenuta di Lucciano winery offers a wine where it is possible to find the strong character and the typical tannins of Sangiovese.

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